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A strategic plan is a roadmap for the future that guides both the daily operations and helps determine and support capital decisions. A successful plan helps a club prepare for and manage change in a proactive manner. It provides the board and management with clear and measurable goals, while uniting the staff and membership through consensus building.

KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE realizes that strategic planning is one of the common denominators found in today’s top performing clubs. We believe that our combined two centuries of experience as private club general managers, as well as assisting hundreds of clubs with management and strategic solutions, allows our team to best assist your club in addressing your strategic planning needs. And yes, the purpose of strategic planning is not to produce a plan, but to produce RESULTS!

Consulting Services

  • Club Strategic Planning
  • Club Operational Audits
  • Food and Beverages Audits
  • Team Retention
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Security Assessments
  • Golf Course Maintenance Audits
  • Golf Course Master-plan Review

Strategic Planning & Consulting Clients 

KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE Strategic Planning & Consulting Clients.pdf

The following is an example of a strategic planning process offered by KOPPLIN KUEBLER & WALLACE.

Seven Steps of Strategic Planning.pdf

Strategic Planning Presentations:

The Business Side of Strategic Planning CMAA 2013 with Jack Sullivan and Phil Newman.pdf
CMAA Strategic Planning Seminar.pdf

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